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"Un original pour chacun" - A bridge of culture​

Fondation Artists - Way

Zvika Horesh

About the artist:

Multidisciplinary artist/designer Zvika Horesh is the owner and director of the House Creative Design Studio and the Urbanix Art Gallery, Tel Aviv. Horesh’s uniqueness as an artist is his ability to bring his design, advertising, art and architecture talents to the creative process. His multidisciplinary approach creates his special aesthetic language blending varied materials and techniques as he stages multilayered graphic scenarios of “Urban Art” in bold colors, integrating texts, typography and imagery inspired by Pop Art and graffiti.

The Pop art works are a manifesto in strong colors and textures sweeping the viewer into an experience of color and figurative scenario, cancelling out any space between function and aesthetic. Horesh’s art features posters, cola bottles, collages, public personalities, icons taken from the city, industry, the consumer society as impacted by globalism, consumerism and the internet.

The exhibition “Ride with the Wind,” by Horesh together with international artist David Dudu Gerstein, received broad media coverage, garnering praise for his ability to document a contemporary sociocultural group (bicycle riders). Horesh uses complex techniques integrating photography, graphic design, printmaking, painting and collage on canvas. He has also created a series of 3-D holograms addressing the urban space.

One-person exhibitions:

2012, 2010 “Ride with the Wind,” Gerstein Gallery, Tel Aviv and House Creative Studio, Nes Ziona

2012 “Working Together,” Urbanix Gallery, Tel Aviv