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"Un original pour chacun" - A bridge of culture​

Fondation Artists - Way

(b. 1966) Lucerne, Switzerland. Lives and works in the Bernese Oberland.

"Majestic - so sublime and timeless, as the universe escorts me since the beginning of my life, the way it inspires me and makes me wonder, I feel the urge to transfer this matter with oil paints on canvas and - I am happy."

Seylech is an artist with passion, who deals with the essence of the subject. He has an unusual artistic career. Although denied access to a school of applied arts, he managed to touch people with his art (with his wife’s support), and to make a living for their family of three children.

His technique is free and direct. With a keen sense of color and form, he is goal oriented, working rapidly and powerfully. Seylech is an artist who has found himself in his expressive artworks.

"The idea that the universe is endless, ever-expanding, that there is neither above nor below, was and is extremely fascinating to me."

The Yellow Summer is a series of 41 oil paintings on canvas or wood, created within three months (June-August 2011).

"The idea popped up unexpectedly during the clean-up of the studio, when I caught sight of the yellow paint tubes: I made 30 to 50 pictures, all in shades of yellow. I was so inspired that I started the first work on the same day: That is how The Yellow Summer" was born.”.

Light and passion characterize Seylech’s work. Powerfully expressive, and with a keen sense of tension, he creates images that impress with a strong intensity of light. He applies the oil paint onto the canvas in thick impasto, working with a spatula, a brush, or sometimes with bare hands, sparing neither himself nor the canvas.

Seylech is married and the father of three children. He has been self-employed as an artist since 2000. His oeuvre includes more than 1,550 works of art.