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"Un original pour chacun" - A bridge of culture​

Fondation Artists - Way

Anxiety in Color

An exhibition of works by Philippe Thelin

Based in Montreux Switzerland, Philippe Thelin started painting in the early 90’s and began showing his works outside his studio in 2012, participating in many group shows, and in the last couple of years has been showing internationally in several solo exhibitions in Milan, Paris and New York. This is his first exhibition in Israel .

Using oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels and charcoal, he challenges himself, articulating his inner conflicts, exposing his inner voice without deferring to the illusions, trends and postures of modern society and environment. He is a painter’s painter, in the classic individualistic definition of what is an artist.

His paintings exude passion, intense almost violent, seen through his thick strokes and scalpel lines and textures, fingers and brushes, we encounter layers of raw emotion and intelligent flashes of self- awareness. He describes his process as “exorcising ghosts of yesteryear”

In this exhibition we have some of his later works, where his inherent gift of color is dominant, still life paintings that are bold and beautifully structured, while still full of his forceful passion , the works have a Matisse like clarity and brightness ,not compromised by his critical eye and wit. Thelin’s paintings are vignettes of modern man’s journey, very much his own personal battle with himself, with the ambivalence of the violent world we live in, with the masks of society. His intelligence is cutting edge, intense, colorful and alive. His works are passionately raw and striking.

Johanan herson