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"Un original pour chacun" - A bridge of culture​

Fondation Artists - Way

My initial inspiration developed from the basic challenge for imitation. Therefore, I am continuously searching for interesting portions of reality, and the creative process allows me to selectively observe this reality from my perspective.

In my works I attempt to combine vitality and permanence, not only trying to accurately paint the object, but to give the viewer a sense of the object's inner substance.

A variety of different subjects are of interest to me.

In the portrait series I took snapshots of random pedestrians in the street. I found interest in their anonymity, and the feelings they provoke have an artistic value. I selected the figures to be painted, attempting to achieve a delicate balance between stereotype and uniqueness, such that one can look familiar and yet remain an enigma.

In the "Remains" series, I have been painting various low profile objects such as blurred notebook pages or burnt disposable dishes. In my opinion these choices emphasis the strength of the painting medium, as such works obligate the viewer to reexamine features that he would otherwise neglect.

Landscapes also arouse me, and I search them for signs of activity and the silent evidence of its occurrence. I made an effort to unify the contradictions of stillness and movement, and of desolation and vigor.

The technique is a prolonged process in which I paint the object layer by layer until I feel that I have achieved an optimum. I continuously criticize my work, and can even be disappointed with the painting at different stages of the process. Such self criticism is important in achieving the result I aimed for.

I have an interest inhyper-realistic art; However, I am careful not to be over-inspired, so that my ideas will not be limited to a closed circle within the hyper realistic field. 

Basically I want the visual experiences of my art to communicate both emotionally and intellectually. A painting should rediscover what we already know, and reunite this knowledge with forgotten aspects of its meaning.  

Natan Pernick

Natan Pernick was born in 1980 in "Kfar Mordechai", a village which is located in central Israel. He started painting at the age of 14, during his youth he also practiced mural painting.

Between the years 2002-2004 Pernick lived and worked in New York as an apprentice at the studio of the renowned artist Mark Kostabi

He studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, 2004-2008, in the Department of Visual Communication. During his studies, he began showing his work at various art galleries in Jerusalem.

In 2009 Pernick participated at the "Artishock" - Young Art Initiative, as well as exhibiting in a group exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London for the BP portrait award.

Pernick's works are sold at leading Israeli auction houses Tiroche, Montefiore and Matsa.

Solo Exhibitions

2010 - "Opening Statement", Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv

2013- "Remains", Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions

2009 - "Artishock", Comfort 21 space, Tel Aviv, Israel

2009 - "BP Portrait Award", National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

2010 – "The Road to Nowhere" , Ashdod Art Museum, Ashdod, Israel

2011 –" The first Annual", Scottsdale Salon Of Fine Art, Scottsdale, Arizona

2011 – "Arte Laguna Prize", Arsenale, Venice, Italy

2011 – "Summer Exhibition" , Royal Academy of Art, London, UK

2012 - "The shiff collection", Marina hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel

2013 - "The collectors choice", Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, California

2013 - "The Art Sprinter", Water Mill Square Gallery, Hamptons, New York

2013 - "Open Exhibition", Cork Street Gallery, London, UK

2013 - "", Grand Art Gallery, Haifa, Israel

2013 - "Silent communication", Linus Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Education / Experience 

2002 – 2004 Assistant, Mark Kostabi studio, New York

2004 – 2008 Bachelor of Design, Visual Communication Department, Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem.