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Princess Maka Dadiani was strongly attracted to drawing and painting since her early youth. Her passion for fine arts made her give up on her career as a highly gifted pianist and start studying fine arts at the age of 23.

Her talent being widely acknowledged, Maka receives a Scholarship for Exemplary Students at the Tbilisi State Institute of A. Pushkin, where she graduates with Distinction. In 1985 she takes part in the All-Soviet-Union Students’ Contest of Fine Arts in Moscow. The quality of her work earns her the First Prize. Since then, Maka’s five works have been permanently kept at the Foundation of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, Russia.

A year before her graduation, Maka starts working as an associate Professor at the Tbilisi State Institute of A. Pushkin, at the Department of Fine Arts.

In 1989 Maka joins the House of the Arts of Tbilisi as a Resident Artist, where she works with leading Georgian artists such as Shalva Matuashvili, Merab Abramishvili, Nodar Badurashvili, Jemal Kukhalashvili, Tamaz Kakabadze, Levan Margiani, etc. Tbilisi House of the Arts was directed by the famous Georgian artist Prof. Temo Gotsadze.

Maka’s works are based on profound academic knowledge and are characterized by immense sensitivity and expressivity, as well as stylistic versatility and dynamism. Her virtuosity – as an outstanding portraitist as well as figurative and abstract painter – has been widely recognized.

Maka Dadiani is known as a highly versatile artist, who is always in search, and always eager to embrace new challenges and accomplishments. Today, as the world and humanity are facing enormous changes, Maka's creation has also gone through a substantial stylistic transformation.

In 2020, the artist has introduced a new style called "Metamorphosis", distinguished by reduced, clear and intense colours, which was mainly dominated by white, black, brown, and gold. Recently, Maka has enriched her “Metamorphosis” with a new series, highlighted by a warmer colour palette. Through the contrasting gamma, the artist achieves an emotional mood on the canvas.

Maka’s abstract vision and ability of form simplification are rooted in her deep academic mastery, evident at first glance. The artist does not impose her concept on the viewer; on the contrary – the viewer is given an opportunity for reflection and interpretation of the subject.