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"Un original pour chacun" - A bridge of culture​

Fondation Artists - Way

Jessica Weymann

(b. 1967, Guatemala). Lives and works in Switzerland.

Weymann’s school slogan was “Live to learn, and learn to live,” a resolution she adopted as her life’s motto. Through her devotion to life and learning, she has taken up a creative quest to discover and share the hidden beauties of existence. She sees her craft as a path to personal growth and a contribution to the world’s celebration of love and light.

Growing up in a tropical environment, shaped by pristine natural landscapes and enchanted by the mysterious heritage of the ancient Maya, awakened the desire in her to incorporate the magical impressions of her homeland into an artistic expression. She began her journey as an artist by studying interior design. When Weymann realized that art cannot be grasped in its totality by following only a single expression, she opened her heart to many other art forms, such as fashion design, music and haute cuisine.

Having savored the different tastes of the multifaceted universe of the arts, she found herself resonating the most with brush and canvas. Standing in front of her paintings one may notice the influences of various art forms and smell the spicy fragrance of an exotic dish, feel the urge to wear a colored dress or dance to folklore music.

Meanwhile Jessica Weymann has moved to Switzerland and found her home between the fertile meadows of Fribourg and the crystal clear waters of Lake Geneva. She has taken the role of an artistic ambassador by combining the elements of Central America and Europe. Painting has become her life’s passion and a vital source of energy that she is very glad to share with her loving family members and friends all over the universe.

Jessica Weymann invites you on an adventure to discover and experience a new perspective of color on canvas. “Be my guest, if only for a moment. Let me share my world with you and let me know your voice. Learn through my life and let me learn through yours. Let us learn to live together.”

Events 2013-2015

Galerie du Calvaire, Gruyères du 1 au 7 Avril 2013. Thème de l'exposition "Cocktail de Couleurs"

En Beauregard, Art Gallery Montreux, du 3 au 28 Septembre 2013. Centre culturel de la Vidondée, Riddes Valais

Semaine de Femme, du 3 au 9 Mars 2014. Au Vieux Bourg de Bossonnens, 

Exposition "Art et Lumières" Samedi 28 Juin 2014

Galerie du Calvaire,Gruyères du 7 au 13 Juillet 2014 Thème de l'exposition: "De Couleurs á Gruyères"

Salon d'Art Contemporain Montreux Art Gallery MAG Du 6 au 9 Novembre 2014

Galerie du Calvaire, Gruyères Du 21 au 27 Septembre 2015 Thème de l'exposition: "Les Couleurs de l'âme"

Salon d'Art Contemporain Montreux Art Gallery MAG Du 4 au 8 Novembre 2015

Events 2016

Expositions for the year 2016:

Artist's Way Fundation, Route Industrielle 2, CH 1806 St.Légier, Vernissage 23.03.2016

Galerie du Calvaire, Gruyères, Du 13 au 19 Juin 2016, Thème de l'exposition: "Couleurs d'éte"

Au vieux Bourg de Bossonnens "Bossonn'Art", Samedi 18 Juin 2016