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"Un original pour chacun" - A bridge of culture​

Fondation Artists - Way

Ilana Gal born In Israel in 1968. Ilana lives and creates in moshav Givat Nilli.

Ilana studied Graphic Design at the Emek Izrael College. Ilana leaves the interpretation of her work to the viewer, allowing them to give their own personal meaning to her creations.

Her expressive and colorful paintings feature heartbreaking figures, symbols, masks, animals and small women. These objects are reflections of items brought to her door by African merchants during her childhood in Africa. Her memories of her years growing up in Africa where triggered by a drawing her son had made. Since then her paintings were full of icons of ritual tribal tradition, which shifts her work into the sphere of cultural exploration. Gal exhibits in solo and group exhibitions, in Israel and abroad.

.Her first solo exhibition was held in Beit Zionei America in Tel Aviv in 2002.